Mary Moore, Evocative/Recollective

Mary Moore is an evocative magician cloaked as a painter. She is a contributing member of the Blue Pomegranate, that group of friends that make stuff. You know them, Joni Pienkowski, Allison Keyes, Jennifer Hand, Sandy Kennedy and Wonjung Jung. She is the knowledgable, helpful person behind the counter at Mish Mish. That’s just a cover, because she possesses control over the uncontrollable: paint. She sees beauty that most of us miss, and gratefully she puts brush to canvas. Her work conjures emotion, memory and mystery.

Jay Ryan, Poster Marker

Exhibition: March 30 - April 4, at the Armory Gallery
Opening: Wednesday, April1, at the Armory, come meet the artist at 12pm…pizza from Benny's
Demonstration: Wednesday, April 1, in the lobby of Cowgill Hall, 1:30 …
Lecture: Wednesday, Hancock Hall, 7pm

Jay Ryan

to market we go

To Market We Go: Art, Advertising, and the Multiple explores two aspects of contemporary art practice that challenge long-held notions of craft, technical skill, and transcendent affect in unique works of art as defining features of art itself. A generation of artists emerged in the 1960s as broader cultural attitudes towards authority, power and money took a left turn, in many cases upending the notion of the “uniqueness” of the art object. The art of the sixties often reflects this—perhaps nowhere more so than in the genres of art for advertising media and the multiple.


School of Visual Arts' Senior Show. Spring 5

School of Visual Arts' Senior Show.
Spring 5

April 15 -19, 2014
Artists Reception: April 16, 6 - 8pm.

Jessica Liberman, Juliana's Jungle
Phat Nguyen, Oblivious Explorers
Katherine Miller, Multiverse


School of Visual Arts' Senior Show. Spring 4

School of Visual Arts' Senior Show.
Spring 4

April 9 - 12, 2014
Artists Reception: April 8, 6 -8pm

Leslie McMillan, Congrouous
Justine Sottile-Jackson, Dismantling Sam
Matthew Yourshaw, Inside the Box


School of Visual Arts' Senior Show. Spring 3

School of Visual Arts' Senior Show.
Spring 3

April 2 - 5, 2014
Artist Reception April 1, 6-8pm

Josh Booth, Unkindness
Dillon Jenkins, Inneractivity
Cassandra Nguyen, Working Class Heroes
Gwendolyn Sewell, Terrapene